Sustainable productivity

‘Committed to sustainable productivity’ is Atlas Copco’s brand promise. This is a promise to ensure reliable, lasting results with a responsible use of resources; human, natural and capital.'

It means helping customers get more out of every investment. Be it making products faster, more energy efficient, safer or more ergonomic, the effect should be increased productivity. Atlas Copco achieves this by adhering to a few core values: Commitment, interaction and innovation.

Being committed to sustainable productivity includes the perspective that Atlas Copco always takes the long-term view. Customers need to know they will be productive not just today or tomorrow, but a year or even ten years from now. Atlas Copco always strives to provide the highest possible productivity, but believes doing so at with a short-term view would ultimately damage both the company and its customers.

Sustainable productivity covers a range of subjects : making safe, efficient products with a minimum of environmental impact, interacting with customers, developing innovative products, having a good, diverse workplace, investing in competence development, and engaging in the local communities.