Diamant Boart have been driving the development of diamond tools for the stone industry since 1937. Our sales organization around the world allows us to keep a close contact with the customers to give them the right products, service and technical support. Today, we have a complete range of high technology tools for a wide range of applications.

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Circular Saws

Different materials represent different challenges as well as different solutions. Our fast cutting diamond blades are available in diameters from 100 to 3500 mm. The vast ranges of specified bonds along with choice of standard noise reduced steel centres provide a perfect solution for every challenge.

Wires & Multiwire

Our range of wires covers all the needs in quarries as well as in processing for marble, granite and abrasive materials. The ongoing research allows the development of a new range of wires as the fast cutting wires for quarries or the wires for multiwire machines.

Gang Saw Blades

In 1955, Diamant Boart supplied the first diamond gang saw blade to the stone industry. Ever since, Diamond Boart has been innovating, bringing you new solutions and the best quality. Continuos improvements have allowed a price per m² that no other technology can offer today. Our great experience and worldwide presence allows us to offer you the best gangsaw blades for your specific needs